Maximum control and transparency

In any printing process, job preparation is key to achieving an optimal final product.

Our pre-printing service adds value to your projects by controlling all the technical aspects that ensure the expected final quality. This is possible thanks to our cutting-edge software and hardware, as well as a highly specialized human component prepared to provide solutions to your graphic needs.

Our expertise in color theory, as well as in the handling of image editing programs, make us great professionals in whom our customers can place their trust.

Pre-printing Services

Composition, treatment and loyout of texts and images.
Digital retouching of high resolution images.
Digital color contract proofs.

Preparation, verification and closing of PDF files, for CTP or Web.
Filming on plates, with conventional or SUBLIMA screening (Agfa's high-quality advanced screening technology).
CIP3 inkjet systems, directly connected with printing machines, to obtain automatic inking within ISO standardized values.