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35 years

More than 35 years of experience

For more than thirty-five years, Comgrafic has specialized in offering customers the optimum quality in the pre-printing, printing and binding of books, magazines, catalogues, comic books, brochures and other special graphic products at unbeatable delivery times.

Our quality and the powerful fleet of state-of-the-art machinery in continuous evolution, together with our experience and professionalism, have made us a benchmark company in the graphic arts industry at local, national and international level. Customer service is the foundation of our existence and the engine that has driven our growth since its foundation in 1983.



Our star service is the offset printing of all kinds of books, magazines, catalogs, brochures and other commercial advertising. Our extensive machinery park at the forefront of the sector, which also includes the innovative UV-LED printing system, allows us to offer optimum quality and versatility, in line with our customers’ expectations. We also have a digital printing service for those smaller jobs or those that require customization.

We control all the technical aspects that ensure the desired final work with our prepress services. In addition, we have our own binding and logistics workshop, which allows us to ensure a perfect final finish, controlling quality and delivery times as much as possible.

Who are we?

Graphic Arts Services


In any printing process, job preparation is key to achieving an optimal final product.


Our commitment to offering the highest quality in printing requires us to have a state-of-the-art machinery park.


Part of our success is due to the fact that we know the job is not finished at the printing stage.

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